You will find white mushrooms in almost every supermarket. Portobello, Portobellini, Oyster mushrooms and Shiitake are also more widely available now.


What should you look for?

  • All mushrooms available in shops should be nice, firm and unbroken and should not smell like anything but mushrooms. Make sure to avoid mushrooms that are soft, smelly and have an otherwise unattractive appearance.


  • When you buy fresh mushrooms, a bit of topsoil may have been left in the box but that is perfectly normal and you can easily brush it off.


  • An easy way to spot the freshness in Portobello mushrooms is the colour of the gills on the underside of the cap. Fresh Portobello should be pink or brown coloured underneath the cap and never black.


  • Oyster mushrooms should have their leaves unbroken and don't worry too much about the stem – that can be eaten as well and its meaty texture is loved by many.