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our promise


If we were a big, boring megacorp we'd call this page our "Corporate Values", "Business Ethics" or something fancy like that. But we are not, so we'll just tell you what you can expect from us.


To the best of our abilities (at one point or another) we promise to do everything that's written on this page. And if we don't, you can tell our granny - she won't be happy.


  •  We are committed to adhere to all applicable health and safety regulations. Food safety is our  priority here and that is why we are the only company in our industry in Cyprus to hold the ISO  22000:2005 (HACCP) certification.


  •  We are committed to delivering fresh mushrooms to all our clients within 36 hours of  harvesting.


  •  We treat all our clients, consumers and employees with courtesy and respect.


  •  We will strive to do business in a sustainable manner, in order to leave the world a little bit better  than we found it.


  •  We will participate and contribute to our local communities, like we have been doing since 1979.


  •  Above all, we promise you that we will always think of what we do as our passion. Never as our job.