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things we do right

We don't believe in fairies. Or Santa for that matter.

But we do try our best to leave the world in a better shape than we found it. Our aim is to do business in a sustainable way, one that has minimal impact both on society and the environment.

Below you can see our strategy towards sustainability:



Spent Mushroom Compost 

The raw materials that remain at the end of our production cycle (some tie-wearing folks call it spent mushroom compost) are given away to be used by local farmers. Spent mushroom compost is a good source of general nutrients for plants, as well as a useful soil conditioner.




We have partnered with the nice people over at Barracuda Intertrade who collect all our recyclable waste like plastics, carton and paper and make sure that they are put to good use elsewhere.




Our mushMobiles make weekly stops at local charities like Funraising and the Church of Cyprus to ensure that they are never short of mushroom supply. Our mushrooms are then cooked for or offered to those less fortunate.