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A mushroom is the fruitbody of a fungus. There are thousands of species of mushrooms in the world, but only a few are edible.

Actually, it is neither. And it's obviously not an animal either! 

In biology, fungi (and hence mushrooms) are classified as their own kingdom. Plants and animals belong to their own, separate kingdoms too!

Can you imagine? A whole mushroom kingdom. Surely if there's a kingdom of mushrooms then the white mushroom has to be the king right?

France was the first country to cultivate mushrooms on a commercial basis in the late 19th century. 

Sure! Our fresh mushrooms are harvested every day of the year and delivered fresh to local stores, 24/7/365. And yes, that includes Sundays!

Those specks are topsoil from the growing beds. They are absolutely harmless. Simply wipe with a damp cloth or soft brush before preparation, cooking or serving.

Mushrooms are harvested by hand. Harvesting by hand is a very difficult task but it is the only way we can ensure that our mushrooms are treated tenderly and carefully to avoid bruises and scratches so we can deliver them to you spotless!

The harvesters are trained in personal hygiene as part of our food safety program, the ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP). During harvesting it is required that they wear special-purpose uniforms, hand gloves and hair nets.

During harvesting, mushrooms are separated by size and quality according to clients' requirements and, following that, they are quickly cooled down and transported to local supermarkets within 36 hours of harvesting. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Not really! 

It is an art based on science. The science of mushroom growing is quite well known and many books have been written about it. The art of mushroom growing is in managing variables such as the weather and changes in raw materials and the attention to detail required is absolutely immense!

Yes, some other companies do import mushrooms from abroad. Most of the fresh mushrooms in stores are grown in Cyprus but some shops do stock imported mushrooms.

Now, we have nothing against imported mushrooms; we believe that they can still be friends with ours. But, considering that imported mushrooms in the Cypriot market are, on average, 10-12 days old due to the time it takes to get here, we think that our policy of selling mushrooms within 36 hours of harvesting is much fairer and, of course, much much healthier for the consumer.

So next time you visit your local grocery store, ask them if they are packing local mushrooms!

We here at Kyriakides Mushrooms have made substantial investments in new technology to increase productivity and improve energy efficiency, quality and food safety.

Going forward we will continue to invest not only in food-safety training and documentation, but also in the health and safety of our own personnel. And yes, that's a promise.

Of course! They are even considered a superfood by many. Check out the benefits of a diet full of mushrooms here.

Mushrooms have been called the "vegetarians' meat" because no other vegetable comes closer to the taste and texture of meat. Have you never tried a Portobello burger?