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portobello mushrooms

Botanical name

Agaricus Bisporus



The Portobello mushroom is simply a Portobellini allowed to grow to full maturity and flavour. As the mushrooms grow bigger, the large brown cap opens revealing reddish-brown gills underneath.

Since they are allowed to grow to a bigger size, they have a meaty texture while they retain their earthy flavour. Their diameter can vary from 5 cm to about 12 cm.


Preparation and serving suggestions

Lightly rinse, brush or wipe with a damp paper towel before cooking. Can be grilled, stuffed, baked or deep-fried; they are great as an appetizer, side dish or main. Because of their natural meatiness, Portobello mushrooms are great meat substitutes with no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. The Portobello burger is one of life's little delights!

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